Why Use ActiveCampaign for Email Marketing

By Lesley Christie

ActiveCampaign is one of my must-have tools that not only saves me time (after the initial set-up) but keeps me organised too. Ah, the power of automation!

You may be looking for your first email marketing software, or perhaps you're looking to change from the one you currently use. Either way, let's find out how you could use ActiveCampaign in YOUR business.

They have a 14-day free trial so you can test it out before committing yourself to a monthly subscription which starts at $15/month for up to 500 subscribers. Click to Get your 14-Day FREE Trial

Disclaimer: I'm an affiliate for ActiveCampaign (and a reseller because I love it so much!) and when you purchase through my link, I get paid a commission but you don't pay any extra and get your still get 14 free days to test it out.

Here's a quick guide to get you up to speed with their terminology and a basic understanding of how it works.

One of the things I love about ActiveCampaign is that a contact is only counted once, no matter how many times they opt-in to your mailing list (using the same email address). No over-inflated contact numbers!

There are FOUR different levels offered - Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise. For 99.9% of you, all you'll need is the Lite package (the cheapest level).

ActiveCampaign works with 'Lists', 'Automations' and 'Campaigns'. 

ActiveCampaign Lists

Lists are a way to segment your contacts and one way of triggering an automation (more about that later.)

When someone signs up to your mailing list through one of your lead magnets (free gifts that give subscribers a taste of what you have to offer), or they purchase something from you and you have an integration between ActiveCampaign and your shopping cart, in order for them to receive an email with the download instructions, you add them to a list.

Having separate lists for different lead magnets, customers, events etc is a good way to see how popular each one is at a glance. After a while you may end up with a lot of lists so it's good to start with a naming convention for your lists. Depending on your business you may wish to use any of the following prefixes (I prefer to use caps for the prefix so they stand out):


Another prefix could be if you did an event with a partner, or got your leads from a third-party program and need to import the contact details to ActiveCampaign.

You can further segment the lists by using tags. So for example, if a customer purchased product a from you, and you had a sale on product a, you could send the sales email to your customer list, excluding those who had already purchased (and did I mention you could set that up all automatically?)

That leads us nicely into...

ActiveCampaign Automations

Automations are the time saving element of email marketing. ActiveCampaign offer pre-made automations that you can install into your own account, or if you take one of TheBusinessMum.com courses with ActiveCampaign elements in them, you'll get access to these custom automations too.

One of the most common automation used is for the delivery of your lead magnet. Once someone subscribes through your opt-in form it triggers the delivery automation which should also include a series of emails introducing your paid offerings.

If you've included a one time offer (OTO) in your sales funnel you can set up an email sequence to be delivered, after the initial 'Here's your requested gift' email, that prompts them to purchase, if they didn't buy the first time.

Not sure what a funnel is? Find out in: What is a Marketing Funnel?

A few other types of automations are:

  • Indoctrination sequence - introducing yourself to your new subscriber.
  • Re-engagement sequence - if a subscriber hasn't opened and/or clicked a link in your email in a certain time frame, you can trigger the re-engagement sequence to either 'activate' them again or remove them from your list.
  • Birthday/Anniversary etc sequence - if you've collected the subscribers birthday or anniversary etc, you can automatically send them a happy birthday email along with either a free gift or a discount coupon.

One way to think about automations is that they are 'evergreen'. You can set them and forget them... almost! You should be monitoring the open rates, click through rates etc to check the effectiveness of each email in a sequence, but that's a subject for established online business owners and this is just a beginners guide.

ActiveCampaign Campaigns

A campaign in ActiveCampaign is when you send an email to your list(s) that isn't part of an automation, such as your regular newsletter. The good thing about campaigns is that you can set them up ahead of time by scheduling them to go out at a future time and date so there's no excuse for forgetting to send it out!

Another time you could use a campaign is to let your subscribers know about a sale or a new product launch. Although this could also be done via an automation, a campaign lets you send out an email and if a subscriber opens the email or clicks on a link, that can trigger the automation, meaning that only subscribers who are interested in your offer will see it, while you won't be seen to be 'selling' to those who aren't interested.

If you sign up for an ActiveCampaign account through the link above, contact me through my contact form and I'll send you the link to import an Indoctrination sequence into your account and a few other ActiveCampaign goodies!

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