What Is A Domain Name

By Lesley Christie

What Is a Domain Name

A domain name is the online address that all websites have in order for internet users to find them. Think of it as the equivalent to your own home address, but for the internet.

Another name you might know it as, is the url (uniform resource locator) of a website. Don't worry you don't have to remember this!)

If you are looking to start your own blog, or website, then you'll need to register a domain name that will be unique to you so that internet users can find you.

Does the Domain Extension Matter?

For the most part, when choosing a domain extension you should always go for the '.com'.


Because most people when they hear your domain name and try to remember it later, they'll usually think it's the .com version and if it's not, and there is a .com version of your domain name already in existance, you'll lose the visitor to the other site.

However, if you DO have to register a domain name with an extension other than the .com, brand your website with the extension included. For example, thebusinessmum.net, or thebusinessmum.co, or thebusinessmum.biz NOT just 'The Business Mum'. That way anyone who sees your marketing will remember the extension as well and visit the correct website.

There are millions of blogs available online, all with a variety of extensions so don't be discouraged if you have to register a non .com domain.

Best Place to Buy Your Domain Name.

There are lots of places online that sell domain names, all using the same domain database to see which domains are available.

If you are looking for web hosting (WordPress hosting) as well as a domain name then Bluehost gives you a free domain name for the first year and has a deal on up to three years of hosting. Click here to go to Bluehost.

If, however, you are looking just for a domain name as you've already got web hosting, then look no further than Namecheap. They offer great deals on domain names. Click here to go to Namecheap.

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