Should I Start a Blog

If only you had a penny everytime you wondered whether or not to start a blog...

Today could be the day you jump in with both feet and shout...

I started my blog

"Hello World! Today I started my blog!"

For those of you who aren't familiar with WordPress, "Hello World" is the title of the demo blog post that comes with every new installation of WordPress. But we're getting ahead of ourselves... 

You've probably read hundreds of blog posts on a variety of topics and have your favourite bloggers that you follow religiously.

Blogging can look, for someone who has never blogged before, anywhere from lots of fun to a lot of hard work and both aspects are true.

Need to know more?

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Let's start with the fun aspect...

You have something you want to share with others who have a similar passion. It could be a hobby or something you'd like to become a hobby and you may not have anyone around you locally that shares your interests.

NOTE: You don't need to be an expert in the topic to start blogging about it!

Perhaps you want to start a lifestyle blog or one to share parenting advice with other parents.​​​​

Starting a blog can help you find likeminded people that could grow into a great, long-term friendship.

There is a whole blogging community that will welcome you inside their inner sanctum, and within that there are all the different sub-niches of blogging topics.

Another fun fact - many bloggers make money while they blog.

They do something they love and make money at it?

Now I'm sure you're asking whether YOU could make money at it. Well, the quick answer is... YES.

The longer answer is... Yes, but it depends on what your expectations are for how much money you want to make, how quickly you want/need the income and how much time you have to build your blog.

There are multiple ways to monetise your blog, including the most popular - adding advertising network code such as from Google Adsense and earn from the volume of traffic visiting your website.

Another idea is to put together a collection of your best blog posts and sell them as an ebook.

Or perhaps you enjoy writing or another part of growing your blog and decide to sell your services to other bloggers.

As your blog grows in popularity and you build your audience, you may find that brands and companies approach you to write a 'sponsored post' where they will give you their product for free in return for an honest review that you share with your audience, and in some cases will pay you for your review.

You get the idea. Making money from blogging is a realistic possibility.

Now for the hard work part...

There could be a very steep learning curve when setting up and then maintaining your blog, depending on your previous experience.

But don't let that put you off - or even worse - stop you from blogging. Everything you need to build a successful blog can be learned in step by step increments - you can learn at your own pace - and have fun while doing it. Just don't put any unnecessary pressure on yourself to race ahead.

A successful blog requires 2/3 things:

  • Quality/Useful information in blog posts that visitors WANT to read/listen to/watch, preferably with new content on a regular basis.
  • Visitors to read your blog posts.
  • Ways to monetise your blog (if you decide to monetise it and why wouldn't you?)

Each blog post requires:

  • Quality content.
  • Shareable images for you and your visitors to share on social media which there are FREE softwares to help you do this.

So you see, there are a variety of reasons why YOU should start a blog. What are you waiting for?

If you're ready to start your blog TODAY. Click to Read How to Start a Blog...

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