About The Business Mum

TheBusinessMum.com is the love child of Lesley Christie, a serial entrepreneur living in Scotland who loves to ask her web developer the question... is this possible?

TheBusinessMum.com is the result of him saying YES (most of the time.)

If you have a SPARK (an idea you're passionate about that helps, supports and services your clients.) You want to love Monday mornings as much as Friday afternoons, as well as build multiple streams of income focused on providing the most value to your clients. I have the HOW (strategies, systems & tools).

Keep Reading If This Sounds Like You...

  • You Own, or Want to Own, a Service-Based Business Yet Aren't Attracting the Income You Desire.
  • You Have a BIG Dream for Your Business and Struggle with How to Make it Happen.
  • You're Overwhelmed with Your Workload and Are Tired of Barely Tredding Water Every Day.
  • You're Looking to Build a Long-Term Business, NOT a Get Rich Quick One.
  • You're Ready for Change and Willing to Put in the Work.

What Makes TheBusinessMum.com Different?

I've had an online business since 2002 and have a background in web development incl., creating websites, membership areas, courses, lead and sales funnels, ecommerce and custom plugins for WordPress. Project management incl., working with project management software, planning out projects and implementing them with a team. Paid traffic management incl., working with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, planning and optimising campaigns.

Did I mention that I have a customised version of a popular email marketing software we call MAVA? It's focused on service-based businesses and includes automations I created to increase your income and customer retention.

Over the last 18 years I've built up a wide variety of knowledge - that you can now tap into. So, rather than having to rely on multiple experts in different fields and hope what you learn will all integrate together, TheBusinessMum.com makes sure that you have the right tools and resources, and you know WHY a task needs to be done and the expected outcome - and how to course adjust.

We start with the basics and then show you how to grow and scale your business. After working with a variety of clients over the years, and my own businesses, I've built up a collection of custom WordPress plugins that are available solely for clients and members of TheBusinessMum.com. Oh we're going to have SO much fun!

Don't worry if technology or the vast amount of information available (usually contradictory) on every subject possible, leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and STUCK.

NOW is the time to go after your dreams.

The Business Mum is YOU! (Yep, even if you are male!)

YOU are NOT your business. It's time to make that clear, even if it's your name on the door.

There are SIX stages of business:

PREGNANCY - When you're growing the idea of your business, making plans and preparing for 'birth'.

INFANT - Just after launch, a few sleepless nights and scrambling to get into a routine.

TODDLER - Your business starts to do a few things for itself (automation).

SCHOOL-AGE - You've hired help (just like at school your 'business' has a teacher).

TEENAGE - Your business can do a lot for itself, it's growing rapidly and it's time to decide whether you want to move to the next stage.

ADULT - Like all adult children (eventually) they leave home because they can do everything themselves. This is where you can take a six month break from your business and your business would still thrive without you.

For more information about the stages of business and to see which stage your business is at - take our quiz here.

Then go to my 'Get Started' Page to learn how YOU can implement the strategies for the stage YOUR business is at.