I'm Lesley Christie, Founder of The Business Mum.

The Business Mum First Home Page

TheBusinessMum.com was started in 2002 with a (very) simple Microsoft Publisher created website uploaded to my webhost using AOL dial-up modem.

In 2002 I'd become a single parent with 3 young children (8, 4 and 2) with no job and no income (I'd been working in my husband's business) which was a great start to 2002 as you can imagine!

Armed with a desktop computer, an AOL internet connection (remember the time when internet came in the form of a cd and tied up your phone line?) and a strong desire to "crack the internet code" I created The Business Mum.

As you can probably tell, that didn't quite happen ... well not immediately and not even quickly.

As my budget was limited (read non-existent) it was a case of "figure it out yourself" and I'm kinda grateful for that as I can definitely say I'm a Jill-of-all-Trades!

I've created a variety of businesses from e-commerce to a web development company, from affiliate marketing websites and adsense sites (remember those?) to a business networking group, but that's a story for another day ...

I'm glad to say things are different today.

After a loooooooong journey of making too many mistakes to mention, getting to work with some truly inspirational people (and some not so much) and learning lots of really cool things related to all things internet (yep, I've been down many a rabbit hole and called it "in the pursuit of learning", I've been pulled back to The Business Mum to create something truly epic this time around (at least I hope you will think so).

This version of "TheBusinessMum.com" is for YOU! I'm going to share ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that I think will help you on your online business journey, hopefully making it much shorter than mine to success!

I love a challenge, especially figuring the best way to do things, finding shortcuts and adding income streams. Up until now I've kept these to myself using these on mine and my clients websites but I want to share these tips with YOU because I truly believe that helping small business owners succeed in their business will have a huge knock-on effect everywhere - as you put more money in YOUR pocket, you will then share (spend) that newly found income with others and so the cycle will continue and everyone benefits.

Just call me a dreamer - are you one too?

Talking about training and courses ...

The Business Mum Ninja

I'd like to introduce Ninja. She's our mascot here at TheBusinessMum.com and you'll be seeing her in different forms around the website.

She came into being when I'd gone through too many logo re-designs that just didn't feel right.

You know that feeling when something just doesn't sit right and you don't know what it is, but it's stopping your flow?

Then it hit me - how about creating a ninja character? Let's put some fun into The Business Mum as we should be having fun in our business, right?

I asked my designer to knock up a few designs and here she is!

She epitomises the business owner journey we're on, which let's face it, isn't always easy. She's here to support YOUR journey and to remind you why you are doing what you're doing and that you CAN DO IT!

Who Is Behind The Business Mum?

This is a picture of me and my kids (all grown up!) and they are the reason I started TheBusinessMum.com so many years ago. They've survived my entrepreneurial journey and one is even following in my footsteps with her ever-growing YouTube channel, blog and online store!

I'm based in Lanark, Scotland but I'd like to think my businesses allow me "location freedom" and I could run my business from anywhere - which was 1 of my 3 goals for my business. The other 2 are "financial freedom" and "time freedom".

Financial freedom is pretty obvious but time freedom may not be. For me it doesn't mean being able to live Tim Ferriss' 4 Hour Work Week, it means that I get to CHOOSE how I spend my time and love every minute of it (well nearly every minute!).

If you can work when you want, take time off when you want and love what you do - that is true time freedom.

I run several businesses including a digital agency, a publishing company and several ecommerce stores and want to share what I've tried and tested so that you don't have to take 15+ years to achieve the business of your dreams.

Here's to our adventures ahead ...