6 Stages of Business 

By  Lesley Christie

A little bit of background first, bear with me, it'll be worth it... (I'll be quick!).

When I first bought TheBusinessMum.com domain in 2002 I was a mum with three young children so way back then, I was The Business Mum. Flash forward 18 years and my kids are now adults and taking on the title of 'Business Mum' no longer felt right, and also my client base has evolved.

You're mostly women starting your first service-based business to support your family.

You're couples, working together to build your dream lifestyle.

You've got a business you love but need a little helpin' hand to grow it to the level you desire.

You're overwhelmed with the 'what you should do' information available online and want someone to cut out the noise so you can finally get your business movin'.

You're from all walks of life and with a variety of service-based businesses and best of all - you are all unique!

For a loooooong time I've been pulled back to do something with this website which has sat in maintenance mode for more years than I'd care to mention, so I won't.

Enter stage left >>> inspired idea.

What if YOU were the business mum and your business was your child?

Nah, that's a stupid idea...

Until it wasn't (or rather isn't.)

Still with me?

So many business owners get caught up in 'being' their business. When their latest launch fails, or they lose a client, or they can't get more clients they automatically feel like a failure. They take their business failure personally and believe their business is doomed for failure.

That's SO not true!

You are NOT your business.

When you separate yourself from your business and see it as in one of the six stages of business, you'll begin to see your business through fresh eyes - with renewed hope and determination and might start giving yourself a break for not being superwoman (or man) to achieve all the tasks your business demands from you!

It's exhausting and a sure way to ensure you hit a downward spiral pretty quickly.

Enter... The 6 Stages of Business


  • Service-Based Business.
  • You Want Your Business to Earn at Least SIX Figures per Year (even if you can't see how right now).
  • You're Willing to Invest Your Time and Money to Make Your Dreams a Reality.

What We'll Cover:

  • Mindset (build your confidence, see what's possible)
  • Income (multiple streams of income and how to set each stream up)
  • Systems (including your WordPress website, email marketing system, content strategy, tracking results, systemising repeatable tasks etc)
  • Traffic (discover which traffic sources are the most profitable and how to ramp those sources up)


You've got a great idea for a business and are busy pulling everything you think you need for it's launch. Thankfully, unlike a real pregnancy, you don't have to wait nine months!

There's a lot to do, and every day you are learning new skills (some easier than others,) but it's an exciting time as you busy yourself preparing to give your business life.

Goal: Having the systems in place to receive your first sale.


Your business has been launched and is in the first stage of growth - attracting sales. The realities of being a business owner has hit you and you're doing your best to keep your head above water. It's a time of keeping up and expanding your new skills and taking care of all the tasks a new business demands (both expected and unexpected).

Your focus is making money (feeding the business) so that you can move quickly to the next stage.

Goal: To make enough money to cover ALL your expenses.


Your business is growing up. It can start to do things for itself (through automation), money is coming in and covering your monthly expenses. You're experimenting with different strategies to grow your business further. 

You've still got a hands-on approach but may be outsourcing some of your tasks on an as-necessary basis.

Goal: To enjoy having lots of extra income, your expenses are covered and you can easily afford to hire help when you need it.


Your business is making enough income to hire some permanent help. It's time to take some of the burden off your shoulders and start delegating.

You're building a loyal following and strategic partnerships. You're finally at a place where you are able to breathe better and take some time for yourself. It's now time to plan whether to move to the next stage or not.

Goal: Your sales (and profits) are ramped up, and you're building your core team to help your business scale.


Your business is becoming more independant with a team in place doing most of the work, along with systems and automations to make life run more smoothly.

Just like dealing with a teenager, there are still times you need to step in and take more control or sort out issues, but for the most part you are able to work in your strength areas and the areas you love and shine in.

Goal: Your business is running like a well-oiled sales machine. You're still at the head of company, but many aspects of running the business is with a team member and not with you.


Congratulations! Your business can run without you, just like when an adult child goes into the world to fend for themselves. At the adult stage you could choose to sell your business, or keep it and work whenever you want, perhaps start a new venture! You have the freedom to choose!

Goal: Your business runs without your input. Your position can be replaced, yet you still receive the income benefits of being the owner.

Not everyone who starts a business wants to grow it to this stage, it's not a requirement, so don't worry if this isn't in your plans.

These stages were created to help my clients understand where their business IS and what they needed to do in order to move to the next stage. This is the shortened version, but I hope it's been useful to you.

Take the quiz below to discover which stage your business is at and receive more information on what you can do to see success within that stage and move to the next one, if you desire.

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